BlueTraker® Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

VMS software (fleet mapping and management application)
VMS software (fleet mapping and management application)

Dual Communication Channel - SAT and GSM/GPRS


Most common vessel tracking devices communicate telematic data only through satellite networks, but leave fishermen marooned paying high position reporting costs. BlueTraker® VMS Hybrid terminal reduces costs automatically and effectively, while using the low cost GPRS communication. BlueTraker® VMS Hybrid terminal can be configured according to several reporting schem.


The most economic one is that on the high seas tracking data is transferred via satellite communication channel, and while in costal waters, when a secondary low cost mobile network is available, by GPRS. BlueTraker® VMS can also send additional high resolution data that was stored in the internal memory of the device, by GPRS. The data latency on the high seas is in the range of one minute, while in costal waters it is measured in seconds.


BlueTraker® VMS Hybrid terminal is used for transmission of geo location, short bidirectional messages -alarms and catch reports- e-Logbook via Iridium satellite or the GPRS network.


Security and Safety


High emphasis was put to integrate a high level of mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic safety and security features, to avoid any tempering and fraud, as well as to fishermen’s safety on-board the vessel, offering IN-PORT and ALERT buttons, integrated into the connection box. The most noticable security and safety features, next to connection box buttons, are all integrated design, tamper detection, antenna blockage detection, unique serial number engraved into the housing, security seals and operation four color status LED.

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