BlueTraker® Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) Arctic

Ship Security and Alert System for A1, A2, A3 and A4 sea area


BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic  enables the operation in extremely cold environments of Arctic Areas up to -50°C. It resists accelerated cooling in extreme environments, successfully battling Arctic chill factor - the effect of Arctic wind on exposed electronic equipment.


BlueTraker® SSAS  contributes to the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) effort to strengthen maritime security and surpress acts of terrorism and piracy agains shipping. The BlueTraker® SSAS on-board hard-ware consists of a BlueTraker® SSAS terminal and a communication box with two alert buttons.


Wordwide Tracking via Iridium Satellite Communication


The on-board BlueTraker® SSAS collects vessel positions using GPS satellite signals. Those are sent together with speed, heading and sensor information to the Telematic Data Server (TDS). BlueTraker® SSAS offers bidirectional communication, allowing users to view vessel information in real time. The BlueTraker® Arctic terminal can operate in extremely cold environments down to -55°C.



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